Bartlomiej Kolakowski

E-point: The requirements of modern forms – problems of all of us

Forms are one of the most common elements of modern J2EE applications. We know for a long time, however, that manually entered HTML code is insufficient. We try to create macros, tools and components to facilitate and increase the development speed. Unfortunately, increasing demands and complexity of systems result in the situation, where they may not meet our expectations.

Workshops will discuss the requirements for contemporary forms and issues related to their implementation. Modern form implementation component will be presented, on the example of proprietary e-point’s platform. Together, we will try to share our experiences and knowledge about designing web forms. In particular, we will take a closer look at following issues:

  • form building: how fast and easily defined a complex Java form can be;
  • form validation: validation with an universal mechanism thanks to which we are confident that our form contains correct data;
  • Dynamic Forms: rebuilding the form when its structure is changed, as simple as downloading the session;
  • error validation – presentation and interaction with user – challenges for a developer;
  • form location – convenient for the programmer, cheap to implement.

Trainer: Bartłomiej Kołakowski

J2EE Systems Engineer in the “Research and Development” at e-point SA. Responsible for the development of OneWeb proprietary platforms and other tools used within the company. Interested in code improvement techniques and methods using artificial intelligence. Graduate of the University of Gdańsk (Department of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics, Institute of Computer Science).

Limit of participants: 30