Lecture Presentations

We are very pleased to provide you with the slides from the lectures of the fourth edition of the 4Developers conference! Click on the speaker’s Name to see the presentation

JAVA PHP IT Project Management Performence and Scalability
Write Your Framework in a Week. What JEE6 Can Give You, and Asamal was Created
Tomasz Szymański
Creating mobile Javascript Apps with Sencha Touch 2
Martin de Keijzer
From a Programmer to PM
Wojciech Dymowski
(Map Clojure Everyday-Tasks) — Practically (Only) Clojure Practically
Jacek Laskowski
A Practical Guided Tour of the Symfony2 Framework
Hugo Hamon
Alfa Team — the First Scrum in Allegro
Jacek Wieczorek
Effective out-of-container Integration Testing
Sam Brannen
Develop & Deploy Using Hybrid Cloud Strategies
Thijs Feryn
5 Years of Telework, 2 Companies
Andrzej Krzywda
The State of Quality. Making Life Hard for Bugs
Uberto Barbini
BDD in Behat – Straight to the Goal
Artur Wielogórski
Visual Management Simple Tools to Improve the Way Teams Work
Paweł Brodziński
Spring 3.x and MVC Testing Support
Sam Brannen
Don’t Fall Behind: How to Learn Now What Is Needed Tomorrow?
Stefan Koopmanschap i Joshua Thijssen
Focus and Concentration in Programmers’ Daily Work
Mariusz Sieraczkiewicz i Michał Bartyzel
Distributed Version Control Systems
Mateusz Harasymczuk
Processing Distributed Tasks
Mariusz Gil
When Sprint Is Not Enough, The Lean Aproach in Terms of Startups
Marcin Kokott
Architecture Deconstruction in Times of Crisis
Jarek Pałka
Geolocation and Maps with PHP and MongoDB
Derick Rethans
Estimation, or How to Dig Your Own Grave
Rowan Merewood